Welcome to the Jungle... Practice Schedule: Location: Seaford Gym: Sunday: Lynx:1-2pm; Lions: 2-3pm; Jags: 3-4:30pm; Prowl 4:30-5:30pm; Cougars 5:30-7pm; Monday: Pumas: 6-7pm; Panthers: 7-8pm; Tuesday: Open Tumble: 6-7pm ($10); Wednesday: Cheetahs: 6-7pm; Pumas: 7-8:30pm; Thursday: Cheetahs: 6-7:30pm; Tigers: 7:30-8:30pm; Saturday: Extra Practices; Location: Woodbridge Middle School: Monday: Jags: 6:30-8pm; Tuesday: Paw Prints: 6-7pm; Tigers:7-8:30pm; Wednesday: Cougars: 6:30-8pm; Thursday: Prowl: 6-7:30pm


PRIDE Cheerleading



2017 PRIDE Cheerleading

Schedule Private Tumble Sessions with a Pride Coach. Have a 1:1 or 2:1 session most days of the week!      

August 1st: 1st day of practices; ages 3-10. Schedules for the month will be handed out then.

Practices during August will be held at our new facility at 11455 Hastings Farm Rd, Seaford, DE 19973.

Practice Uniforms will be handed out after all teams have been formed in mid August.

Please keep your phone number updated through (302)245-8442 to be able to be reached through Group texts and refer to our Facebook (PRIDE Cheerleading) or website (www.wbpridecheer.com) for updates.

PRIDE now has a facility in Seaford, DE!!! Let's work together to enhance our facility and improve the needed renovations. Please help us share our Go Fund Me account and any willing sponsors to make this project successful.



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